28 January 2009

The OFA Stinks!

So I thought I should write a follow up to my blog from Monday. Just to make sure you all know I'm not crazy. Sometimes our emotions get us all wrapped up and warped and tangled. I may never know why I have the issues I do with commitment, but the only thing I really can do is take steps in the right direction. Whatever direction that may be. That being said...

Let's talk about something even more disturbing then function of my brain... Let's talk weather.

It is 51 days until Spring. Yep - you heard correctly... There is still 51 days until Spring. In my opinion it can't come soon enough. Last night on the phone with Scott he told me it was snowing like crazy in Western Illinois (where he lives). I had hoped it would go South and East and miss us.... When I heard the snow plow going by my house at 2 this morning.. I figured I better get up and head into work. Boy was I right... It took me an hour and twenty minutes to get here. It was wicked this morning. I keep telling myself... Only 51 days until Spring.

Here is what The Old Farmer's Almanac says about this years weather...
After a mostly mild November, snow at Thanksgiving will signal the
coming of a very cold period, especially in the west. Temperatures will
seesaw from January through March. Precipitation will generally be below
normal, with above-normal snowfall in the southwest and below-normal
snowfall in most other parts of the region. The coldest periods will
occur in December, early and mid-January
, and in early and
. The snowiest periods will be in early and mid-December,
early to mid-January, early February, and early March. April and
will have above-normal temperatures and below-normal precipitation,
with hot temperatures in mid-May. Summer temperatures
will be near or slightly above normal, on average, with below-normal rainfall.
The hottest temperatures will occur in early and mid-June and
mid-July. September and October will be cooler and drier than

Seriously? More of this crap? I can't take it. No - honestly... I may have to move to somewhere along the coast of the Pacific. I want sunny and 70 all year long. I generally don't complain about Winter - because I hate the hot, hot, hot of Summer. But I am pining for the days of being able to sit on a patio and drink a beer and relax.

I'm not sure - but I think this has been the longest Winter, ever. It seems like it is never ending. Maybe it's because there is talk of some sort of snow in our forecast just about every day. Whether it's snowing or there's more snow coming, or we had snow... You hear about it every day. Not to mention the bitterly cold temperatures. I don't think I've been warm since October. Honestly! This is crazy! It's freezing in the building at work, too.

Check this out - here is the upcoming "forecast" from the Old Farmer's Almanac:

January 2009: Avg. Temperature: 29° (5° above avg.)Precipitation: 1.5" (1" below avg.)

Jan. 1-2: Rain showers, mild Jan. 3-8: Snow showers, cold
Jan. 9-12: Snow, then sunny, mild
Jan. 13-16: Showers, then sunny, mild
Jan. 17-19: Rain to snow Jan. 20-22: Snow showers, cold
Jan. 23-26: Rain and snow showers, mild
Jan. 27-29: Sunny, mild
Jan. 30-31: Snow north, showers south

February 2009: Avg. Temperature: 24° (avg.)Precipitation: 1" (1" below avg.)
Feb. 1-4: Snow showers, cold
Feb. 5-8: Rain and snow
Feb. 9-21: Snow showers, cold
Feb. 22-25: Sunny, mild
Feb. 26-28: Rain to snow, then sunny

Ahh - how nice does Spring look now? This is what I'm looking forward to again... Flowers, warm weather, fishing, the beach. Anything outdoors. I definitely am having Winter-itis. How about you?

What do you do to beat the winter blues? Myself - I keep a picture of my feet in front of the ocean from our vacation last year on the beach to Florida. A simple reminder of how I'll be complaining that it's too hot in about six months.

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