06 January 2009

A New Year

So we're close to a week into the New Year and already it's been incredible. I'm sitting here this morning and for the first time in awhile... I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and excited about what I'm doing. Don't get me wrong - I love my job. Just about every aspect of it. Maybe it's the travels... Maybe it's just a better attitude - I'm really not quite sure. I do have to say - I think some of this feeling of "fresh air" comes from my interview yesterday.

Every morning with Greg and Dan about how important the American Farmer is to our society. One of the things we trying to lessen is the disconnect between the consumers and the producers. Sometimes we forget how much each relies on the other. In this new book American Farmer Paul Mobley photographs farmers from 35 different states and highlights their story. I think this is beneficial for both parties. It shows the labor of love that farmers - who are truly the heart and soul of America - go through every day to provide our country with the safest most reliable food supply in the nation. In addition - without asking - it gives the farmers the recognition they don't necessarily want... but do deserve. In this coffee table book - you find stories of Walter Jackson - the 104 year old Citrus Farmer from Florida to the story of Jim Taber - a young single father of two who is a cattle rancher in Montana. The stories inspired me.

In a time when we hear a lot of negative - From the battle over Food and Fuel and the worries of a financial meltdown... This book gives us a chance to highlight some of the history in America. Some of the good in our every day lives that we don't always see.

I fell in love with the stories. With the people that Mobley photographed. Their eyes. Their hands. Every wrinkle or scar on their face tells a story. A story of history and a passion and fire to live.

The introduction to the book was written by Michael Martin Murphey - who said this "Those outside of rural American need to see what is in this book. Paul Mobley's photographs convey a sacred connection between the food we eat and those who provide it."

To find out more information about the book or to see some of its photos - or even hear the interviews... You can visit our website http://ag.1290wirl.com/ or http://ag.1470wmbd.com/ .

Katrina Fried and Paul Mobley will be in San Antonio, TX for the AFBF Annual Meeting... Hopefully we'll run into them there.

...The best looking-glass is the eyes of a friend....

**All photos are courtesey of Paul Mobley**

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