06 April 2009

Mission: Blog.

I keep telling myself (and you) that I'm going to sit down and blog. I have so much to say - I'm just not sure if my thoughts are organized enough to put everything in writing. What's more - I'm a little scatter brained this morning.... I'm not sure if it is from the snow... Or the creepy voice mail that was on the phone in my office when I came into work this morning.

So here's what's been going on recently... The last time I wrote - I was getting ready to leave for Germany. I wrote on the 18th of March - before Germany. My goal was to blog from there about the trip... But I didn't succeed... So now.. I'm playing "catch-up". Hopefully I'll be able to post every day... That way I can give you multiple stories and pictures from Germany!

I'm going to break this down day by day in separate posts. This way - this isn't such a long post!

Day One "I'm Leaving On A JetPlane":

The day I left for Germany was the last day of National Agriculture Week. So my mom and I headed for breakfast at the Knights of Columbus Hall off of Radnor Road in Peoria to support the Peoria County Farm Bureau's Farmer Share of the Dollar Breakfast. It was pretty tasty and a great way to start off my trip! My mom dropped me off at the airport in Peoria and I started my journey. I landed in Chicago with an eight hour layover - and I used every minute of it! I ran into some fellow broadcasters, and participants of the trip. We loaded up for our flight and were on our way to Germany.

I had the most entertaining and one of the most interesting people I have ever met next to me on my flight. It made for some interesting conversation, to say the least. We landed in Germany around 8AM local time (that's about 2AM back home). We headed to he most amazing hotel to a little R&R and to tour the sites in Dusseldorf. Here are some photos from Day 1.

Those are some photos from the tour of Dusseldorf. After our tour some of us grabbed some dinner (lunch to normal people) in the hotel and relaxed before our evening. I really, really love those trees!!!

I love food - that should be no secret. However - we had the most amazing food while we were in Germany. Our first night kicked it off right... Our dinner consisted of soup, the man course, dessert and bier! We went back to the hotel to get some rest because our first day of sessions in Monheim are going to be a busy one. And that's coming up next....

Before I sign off this morning - here are some photos from our dinner that first night...

P.S. Mission: Accomplished.

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