08 April 2009

Are You Helping To Grow Your Soup?

Those that know me.. know I get excited about some of the silliest things. When I say silly - I don't mean childish silly - I just mean things that most people wouldn't normally get excited about. For example - I love "Double Cross" Mornings at the radio station. I love simplistic beautiful architecture. Like Martha Stewart, I too, love "Good Things" (that's the only thing I want to compare to Martha Stewart). I even like the Fine Young Cannibals song "Good Thing". So when I get excited about something, especially... Good Things I want to share it over and over and over again.

I'm sure you're wondering where this is going.... Today, on The Noon Show - I had John Faulkner who is the Director of Brand Communications with Campbell's Soup Company back to talk about their Help Grow Your Soup Campaign that they started last Fall. Today he talked about how successful the campaign was. Today... we also talked about their new campaign. It's still called Help Grow Your Soup but this time... Campbell's is teaming up with the National FFA Organization and Urban Farming to plant gardens in six urban areas across the United States. In addition - Campbell's is partnering with Partners in Active Learning Support (PALS), a mentoring program of the National FFA Organization, to help build agricultural learning greenhouses in schools.

So - yes.. I get excited for interesting things. I really, really get excited over companies wanting to educate consumers about where their products originate.

Ones last thing... If you go to http://helpgrowyoursoup.com/ and click on the grow button you can donate seeds to the greenhouse... through Campbell's. If you purchase a can of Campbell's Soup and enter the codes... You can get your own packet of Campbell's Seed to grow for yourself. These aren't any seeds... These are seeds that Campbell's uses to grow tomatoes for their soup... Pretty Cool, eh?

One last thing (I promise)... Here's a video that John sent me that talks about the campaign even more.

Enjoy... and Help Grow Your Soup!!! It's a Good Thing, Marther.

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