20 April 2009

Into Every Life...

A little rain much fall. And this Spring - again - has been no exception. Every year we follow how much rain listeners receive with our AgLand FS Rain Gauge report. This morning when I opened my email I have rainfall totals from all over Central Illinois and I honestly just let out a huge sigh. We're getting reports from 3/4 of an inch to over two inches over the weekend. Our ground is already so saturated - I wonder if it is ever going to end.

Then I look at the forecast... Possible rain showers today and tonight and tomorrow... BLECH! Friday on my way home I saw equipment moving... I got a little hopeful. Today - I have a feeling of blech. May 1st.. My goal to do our first planting tour stop is by May 1st. With the weather the way it is - I won't hold my breath...

Later this week looks nice though - mid 60's on Wednesday, mid 70's on Thursday and on Friday - 80.. 80? Seriously!? Honestly - I'd be happy with 75 and sunny every day... Is that too much to ask?

I suppose this is enough for now - I should get into the office and get real work done.

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