23 October 2008

1st Farm Credit Services Harvest Tour

Yep - you read that right. Mike and I are headed to another 1st FCS Harvest Tour stop today and I'm blogging via my Blackberry. The next few stops are different than some of the ones we've done in the past. Don't get me wrong - those have been great, too. We love going to the elevators. Getting outside with the people hauling in the grain, the guys and gals that bust their rears this time of year working in and around the elevator and especially being able to be out with the guys from 1st FCS. It's always interesting to hear from Joe Springer about the financials and how our faltering economy is effecting the agriculture industry. We also get the chance to talk to Ryan Voorhees about Crop Insurance and he's always knowledgeable about what deadlines are coming up - what we need to remember for next year and the best way to plan for each of our specific needs for our own operations. So, again we thank 1st Farm Credit Services for their continued sponsorship of our Harvest Tour.

Back to today's stop. We're headed over to Shirley (hello) to visit with Matt and Connie Hughes. Matt is an At-Large Board Member of the Illinois Soybean Association. Mike and I have lunch in the back of the van (which smells so, so good) and we're going to meet them in the field. Where Connie is combining and Matt is hauling and dumping grain. You often times hear Matt on our program discussing some of the numerous things going on in the soybean industry or even talking to us about how important technology (the same technology that is allowing me to blog while we're traveling) is becoming to an always advancing industry.

Remote stops like these allow for us to recognize some of the best of the best in the industry. Today that's Matt and Connie Hughes of Shirley, IL.

Make sure you tune into The Noon Show on Classic Country 1290 WIRL and you can find out why we think they are so deserving.

Next week we'll be in Emden at the Kleinschmidt's.

A couple of thank you's - again... 1st Farm Credit Services for their sponsorship of the Harvest Tour and to Basta EastPort for providing such awesome lunches for our farmers! Here's to a continued safe and bountiful harvest for all of our listeners.

We'll talk to you on the radio.

All Our Blessings -
The Ag Chick

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