12 October 2008

A very long road trip...

So here I am on my way home from my very first trip to Door County, WI. Yes - I am blogging in the car - from my Blackberry. For those of you that don't know - if I'm not driving I don't ride very well on long trips. I have to constantly be doing something... And yep - you guessed it - it drives my mom CRAZY!!! Anyway - It is absolutely beautiful up here this time of year. I love the crisp air and the warm sun. It is a perfect combination to a great day to spend with my mom. She loves this stuff - I have grown an affinity to it, too. I'm glad she decided to share it with me!

Peter, my "man-friend" is originally from Plymouth, WI which we passed by on our way up here. It's been a lot of fun talking to him throughout the day... Knowing how much he loves it up here. From the first phone call walking in to Target @ 8 this morning (somewhere North of Milwaukee) from the minute we pulled in to Lambeau Field (an intimate feeling only Packer's fans cam appreciate) to the short conversation I had with him telling him we've begun our descent from Door Co (and him saying Door Co can breathe a little easier tonight knowing we won't be staying there and causing a ruckus over night) have all been great conversations. All reaffirmed why I like him so much and why I am so excited to see him in three weeks. Currently he is at FT. Benning (in GA) going through Airborne School. Hopefully he will make it through safe and sound this time - with no broken bones. He really has turned out to be a delightful surprise. I am not really sure where things are going - but sometimes we have to sit back and just enjoy the ride. I'm sure there will be more about him later... I'll keep ya up to date.

We're currently somewhere between Port Washington and Milwaukee. Heading to Trader Joe's! Yay for us! Today has been pretty amazing... Great scenery. I got some amazing Door County Coffee's, a killer deal at the Lane Closeout Sale (all my Christmas Cards for $10) and this amaaaaazing Corsica Bread (which I shouldn't be eating - but tomorrow or Monday) is a brand new day! Right? Right!

Have a great remainder of your weekend!

<3 ~ mkg

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