29 September 2008

Weekend Update

As you know - I mentioned last week Amos Moses was going to his forever home. I was ready for this... What I was not ready for - is proceeding to cry like a baby! To make matters worse... My mom was at the house with me - and we hardly got past the introductions and she was crying. Hrmm.. SO much for her not loving the little guy like I do!! The couple were so nice and in hindsight had I not felt such a strong positive feeling about them - I wouldn't have let Amos go home with them. Jim and Bonny came to the house and as soon as they walked in the door and introduced themselves Bonny got on the floor and Jim sat on my couch. They spent about an hour getting to know him and me. Amos left and part of me was so, so sad and the other part of me... Was incredibly excited for him to go to a home where two people can spend all of their free time with him!

Sunday was filled with sorrow around our family... Our beloved deaf dalmatian, Mati will have to be put down today. She's been battling cancer for awhile and her quality of life has seriously deteriorated over the past few days. So this afternoon mom and I will be taking her to Doc's office to be put down. She's been such an amazing dog and so loved and loved so many... Just a quick funny story - When Mati was younger and we would lost power at my parents and have to use flashlights... Mati would chase the flashlight beam across the house... or the flying' nun ears when she'd come to attention... All part of the things we loved and will always cherish about her. If you get a moment keep my mom in your thoughts today.. She needs them.

Now, on another sad note... "Sometimes, Nothing is a real cool hand." It's a quote from one of my all-time favorite movies. "Cool Hand Luke" and on Friday, Paul Newman lost his battle with cancer. His contributions to Hollywood were amazing. From Hud to the Hustler, Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, The Color of Money and even Cars... Just to name a few... There will never be another one like him. The piercing blue eyes, the amazing talent and the kind heart. Paul Newman will be missed. And in his manner - his daughter wants him to be remembered as a kind and giving man.. She is quoted as saying "And if anyone's interested in honouring his memory, you could bring a bowl of soup to a friend or you could be philanthropic in some way, and just, you know, look out for each other."

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