24 September 2008

Love... The unconventional route.

So many of you know I've been fostering a dog since April. His name is Amos Moses. I named him after a man of the cloth. Actually... It's a Jerry Reed song. But it is definitely one of my favorite songs by him. I thought originally I was going to keep him - because I fell in love with him. His personality is something else - he watches Animal Planet (AP for future reference) every morning while I'm getting ready (no, really - he actually watches it). This morning I was getting ready and there was some show on AP and it was about weird animal sex and his head was tilting back and forth. Like he was really getting in to it. Anyway (that was a huge rabbit trail) this dog is so hilarious. He's a great dog and I wish I could keep him. But with my travel schedule, living alone, and the additional travels with this Leadership Program it is nearly impossible. Because if I were to keep him - I'd be home even less and he deserves to be in a home that is loving and can give him the attention he deserves.
I got a phone call on Monday telling me they think they've found Amos a forever home. I almost cried! I guess when we decided to post him for adoption and there weren't any "hits" on his page - I wasn't worried about losing him so soon. After all, who knew you could become so attached to a dog that you didn't think you'd have forever anyway. I had thoughts of fully adopting him recently - trying to figure out how I could make it work. I thought it all figured out when I received the phone call. Part of me was excited for him and the prospect of his new home and part of me was so sad and quite frankly, I don't have the heart to tell the soon to be adoptive parents of Amos that I really want to keep him. They seem like great people. They're a bit older, retired and from the sounds of it really need him in their lives after recently losing the second of their previously rescued Cairn Terriers. I wish the best for them... They're coming to my house on Saturday - and if they like him... They get to take him with them. It really makes my heart heavy to think about him leaving... that day no less!

There are lessons in life... I guess this one is - we chalk up to loving someone or something you're willing to give them up so they can have a better life. I have a new found respect for parents that give their children up for adoption (saying that - our family has been so blessed with two amazing children that were brought to us from God via the birth mothers). I know my experience is nothing along those lines - and is not as deeply emotional and "tough", but I can (on a very small scale) understand how they come to make those decisions.
And now for my PSA - if you're looking for a puppy adopt from a shelter! Those dogs are greater recipients of love than others. Simply because it will be the first them they ever truly experience it. I'm not sure if I'll ever "foster" again... but I am certain - when I go to look for a puppy or dog - I'll certainly look at a shelter or a rescue organization first....

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