23 December 2008

Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open

I haven't sat down in ages to blog. The last few times I have started... then stopped.. then started again. I just haven't found the right thing to talk about. Today is no different... I'm going to start with a story... Hopefully - I'll make a point... at some point.

I was having a conversation with someone earlier today. He and I happened to be discussing what I wanted out of life. What my dreams and aspirations were. I had to stop and think about what I really wanted out of life. I know what I do every day - and how much I truly do love my job... But I also know how much those dreams and goals have changed over the years. I remember the dreams I had as a child - I had lofty goals of changing the world. Making it a better place to raise my children and my children to raise their children. I reverted back to what my mother used to tell me growing up "leave it nicer than how you found it". That is something that has always stuck in my mind.

As I have aged - that dream has changed and morphed into something different and it continues to change every day. I've often times said I wake up every morning excited about going to work. How amazing is this - I get the opportunity to educate a society that hasn't a clue about the importance of Agriculture in their daily lives. You know - from that Christmas Ham or Turkey (or Tur-Duk-En if you're some people) this industry has its sticky hands in everything we eat and use. Think about it, whether it is that hideous Christmas sweater that is inevitable for every Holiday party or the food we consume, the beverages we drink, the fuel we use to drive from point A to point B - their roots are found in this incredible industry of Agriculture.

So you may be wondering where all this is going - as I grow older - I think about what I want in the future. As I said in my conversation earlier - my goals as a 27 (nearly 28) year old woman... I want to have a family... I want to raise my children with the same determination, work ethic, admiration as I was raised. I want my children to have the same respect and admiration I have for the men and women across this country that make it their business taking care of others. You know who I am referring to - the soldiers that protect America, the farmers that feed a growing world, the doctors and nurses that give their time to heal... I could go on forever. But most of all, I want my children some day to appreciate and hold true the dreams my great-grandfather, my grandfather and my dad had and lived... I want my children to continue the education of society.

I guess what I am saying is - don't lose sight of what your dreams once were... No matter if they've been the same since you were a kid or they've changed over the years... They're always rooted in you somewhere. (and for some of us.. they're rooted in Agriculture... who knew!?)

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