15 February 2010

We're Goin High Tech

Yep... You guessed it... The website for our ag programming is getting an industrial sized make over. It's taken a lot of time and research (and a really tolerant web designer) to make all of this happen. A gentleman by the name of Jonathan Weiss who owns Northbound Designs has been awesome to work with.

I'm someone that isn't really "website savvy" and Jonathan has been awesome. He answers my questions... Stupid or not stupid and is what seems to be effortlessly putting together a fun new website that will be of great use for everyone.

I think we'll have it up and going by the time I leave for Brazil so we'll be able to update the photos and stories while we are away. I just wanted to pass along my fun and exciting news for the day.

Other than that we're trying to prepare for my upcoming two week travel to Brazil and Argentina with the Illinois Ag Leadership Program and patiently waiting for Spring to move in so we can start our Bayer CropScience Spring Planting Tour. We have a lot of great things planned for you this Spring... So keep checking back.. and make sure to scope out the new website when it goes live. I'm certain you'll like it!

I hope you had a pleasant Valentine's Day and are enjoying the President's Day holiday. Grain markets are closed today for the holiday and will reopen for the overnight trading session.

Until next time....

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