08 May 2009

Doom and Gloom.

Yeah. It's that exciting. It's May 8th and we've seen such very little activity in the field - I'm starting to get depressed. Yeah... Really. It has been an interesting week, though, to say the least.

We started our new Early Morning Agriculture Program. It has presented some challenges but really opened the door for new things, too. We're working with Chip Nelliger a Market Advisor with Water Street Solutions with our closing grain analysis. Chip's been great! He has been a nice addition to our coverage of the agriculture world. Everything else just comes down two timing and getting comfortable in my own skin with a new program. It is nice to know - in a world where there has been a lessening emphasis on the agriculture industry - the company I work for has allowed room for growth. It made me laugh a little bit during the first show - I was nervous. I don't mean a few butterflies. I mean I was all in - feeling like I was going to get sick. It all worked out - things have been rolling along. We're having fun doing it, too.

On another note - one of the many "fun" things we get to do is our Rain Gauge Report. It's interesting to find out where it rained and how much rain fell across Central Illinois. However... I'm starting to get emails from listeners that are asking to turn it off for awhile. I was hoping for better news this morning - not so much. Guy - our weather guy (hehe) - said more scattered shows today... tonight... and then towards the backside of the weekend. Blah. Blah. Blah. I won't tell you the text message I received from a farmer friend of mine from a little North of here. It was rather vulgar - but funny and oh so true. Needless to say - we need some sunshine. For the fields... For the sanity of those wanting to get in the fields. Not to mention - I may be suffering from that SAD. Isn't that what it's called? I need some Vitamin D processed.

While I am blogging about grumpy things - I always find it amusing with people chastise things they don't know about or understand. Certain people were expressing their disgust about the use of social media - Twitter in particular. Said people were complaining about how people use Twitter to post everything they're doing at every minute of the day. I agree - some people do do that. However - there are people that use it to post interesting things - news stories - and discuss topics of importance. I think the world of agriculture is using Twitter to the best of its ability. From the #agchats to the topics that are discussed and posted on a daily basis - it allows for so many beneficial things. From the common person to obtain that connection to where the food they consume, to the people in the agriculture industry to see what is going on in places other than their general location and most importantly and instantaneous way to quickly (140 characters or less) open a door to education about the industry we all love and fight to protect.

I guess my point of saying all of this is - new technology provides a wonderful opportunity. If you embrace it, it can open up a whole new world of education, resources and opportunity to network. If you don't like it - don't use it... But don't berate or chastise those of us that do!

Here's to a sun-shine filled weekend... and a better mood on Monday!

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