08 October 2007


A whole new lifestyle... You may have thought I was going to talk about some of my travels, which indeed I am... But a different kind. More of the start of a personal journey and where I'm headed.

As most of you know I started as the Agri-Business Director in May of this year.... I think my official first day was May 18th.... But those are just details... Anyway -- It's been a whole new world for me..

I hit the ground running this Spring.... What a lifestyle adjustment this has been. I've always been very much a night owl and I've had to completely turn my schedule around. I have to be at work by 4:30 every morning. So my late night and early mornings have been changed to early nights and very early mornings. It's been a good change. I've become more mindful of the things that surround me. I have noticed some personal changes more so than anything. I started in this journey kind of timid and unsure of myself. Through a lot of help and guidance and encouragement from my friends, my family, my coworkers... I've taken that timid more reserved person who isn't afraid to share her opinion... Who isn't afraid to take the jump and build her wings on the way down. I guess I'm finding my way now.

So here is the adventure at hand... New job, Lifestyle changes, New adventures in life... It will all be here... for you to read and even you can comment on what's going on. I forewarn you... Some posts may be political.... some may lean towards hot topics in the Agriculture world and if you know me... as always... They will be rather opinionated...

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